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One more time.

He's at it at again.  Mark will be making his fourth attempt at RAAM and this time i'm part of the crew!  Having raced with Mark in the RAW (baby RAAM) I can say that because of that experience, im really looking forward to being part of this team.  Please follow our progress at

Road Worx 2.0

The new studio is finally finished.  It came out great.  I wanted a clean and modern lay out.  Ive already have gotten positive feedback from the commuinty here. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Time for a change

I started Road Worx 8 years ago.  Those 8 years have been some of the best times of my life.  But now a new chapter is opening for me and Road Worx.  As of the end of this month, Road Worx will be closing and moving out to Boulder, Colorado.   I want to thank everyone who I've worked with.  I hope I was able to bring more pleasure and enjoyment to your cycling experience. 

In those eight years, I've not only developed wonderful relationships with my clients, but also my colleagues.  Most particularly Brickwell bike shop.  Many of you know Andrew and his staff.  Andrew brings an enthusiasm and passion for cycling that is genuine.  He's an active member in the triathlon community and is quite possibly the strongest swimmer I know. 

My biggest concern in leaving was finding a replacement for you.  This is a tough climate, for a variety of reasons, to start a new business.  Andrew and Brickwell will be moving into the Road Worx location in December.  In spite of those challenges, Andrew's commitment in continuing what I've started here, which is top notch mechanical service and a dedication to great client care, makes me feel that all of you are in excellent hands.  Andrew and I have agreed that I would stay on board as a consultant for your needs.  Many of you have graciously trusted me, and in a lot of cases only me, to work on your cycles.  Please be assured that you will receive the same attention that I gave you with all the new staff, mechanic included.

I take the relationships that I've developed with you so seriously that I am leaving my cell phone number- 516 304 9393.  This website and email address ( will remain active. Please do not hesitate whatsoever to call or email.  I will be more than willing to help however I can.  I am also more than willing to come back, on occasion, for special projects that require a face to face interaction.

For those of you who want to come out to Boulder- you have a place to stay.  Be warned that you might make a decision to seriously consider moving out there. 

If I could personally thank each one of you face to face I would.  Please believe me when I say that my time here with you has been so rewarding.  I will miss all of you.  I have been truly blessed to have had this experience.  I'm looking forward to what the future has in store. 

Always remember that when it comes to cycling; some days you are the hammer and some days you are the nail.  Best wishes to everyone, Will.

Road Worx

Road Worx is Long Island's premier pro shop that specializes in exquisite mechanical work, in depth bike fitting, and state of the art bicycle components.  Please peruse this website and you will quickly see that we are no ordinary bike shop.

Road Worx RAW Race Follow Up

RAW Follow Up

Team Road Worx set a new 4 man team course record!!  We averaged 20.01 for 856 miles finishing in 43 hours.  Check out the race blog here  Thanks to everyone who sent us encouragement and well wishes!

Well, it was only inevitable that I dip my toe in the insanity of RAAM.  Mark has bamboozled me into being part of a 4 man team to race RAW.  RAW is RAAM's baby brother.  The Race Across the West is 850 miles long and an insane amount of elevation over 2 days. If you want to join in on the fun and see how the team is doing go to the Road Worx RAW webpage.

Mechanical Doping is Real!!!

Mechanical doping is real.  Click here to see why....

Who built your bike?

For anyone out there who wonders "How qualified is the guy im talking to about making my dream bike come true?"  or "Does he get what im saying?"

Let this video of me riding the Forest of Arenberg leave no question in anyone's mind about how qualified I am to understand how to make your bicycle dreams a reality.  We ride and we absoluetly LIVE bicycles. There are imitators and then there is the real thing.  You decide.

or this video of Col de Soller in Mallorca

Viva La Revolution Part Deux

Road Worx is proud to be the ONLY certified Campagnolo EPS tech center on Long Island.  The new EPS has lots of great features loaded into it that no one else offers.  Who else would have this first, huh? 

Guru DFU

Its been a while since we've posted something.  There is a very very good reason for that.  The past few weeks we've been working on something really really cool..

Well, it's finally happened.  Our fitting dreams have come true.  Once again, our frosty neighbors to the north have out done themselves.  Not with a new high tech super aero frame.  This time its with a tool that is advanced at fitting as are their frames.  The "DFU" stands for Dynamic Fit Unit.  The name is probably the least sophisticated part of this tool.  But it gets right to the point, literally.  The function of the DFU is to establish points in space based on a variety of parameters and to be able to bounce back and forth between each position with the click of a mouse. 

Check out our DFU page for more info. 

We love dirt too..

Since the DFU, the creative juices have been flowing.  We love dirt.  We've always loved dirt.  Now we love it even more.  Yes there are a few modification kits around from other companies that convert a road Di2 derailleur into a mtb derailleur.  Compatibility aside, they look like crap.  Our design looks as if it came directly from Shimano.  In certain ways, it has.  We choose to only use the rear derailleur for simplicity sake.  It works just as well, if not better, than the road application.  Big shift buttons allow for an easier tactile push.  We've been testing this for a couple of months with ZERO problems.  Just one more reason why mechanical doping is real!!  Let us know what you think..


Patti RAAM is back and badder than ever...

HEESSSS BACK.  Mark Pattinson is making another run at RAAM.  His trainig and fitness are perfect this year. I should know as i was gladly towed all over Tennessee and Florida by Mark.  Please follow his progress here 

Rockwood Rocked

All in all a great 4 days of training in the rolling hills of Tennessee.  Not the best weather, but rideable all days. In total, 315 miles with 19000 feet of climbing. 

Viva la Revolucion!!

Every 10-15 years Shimano revolutionizes the cycling industry.  In the early 80's it was index shifting.  Then came STI shifters.  Now Shimano has done it again with electric Dura Ace aka Di2.  We have a test ride bike here that is Di2 equiped.  You are invited to come down and see that this group is not a fad.  You will ride faster with this group.  Dont just take our word for it.  Come down and take the bike out and see for yourself.  This demo bike is quickly becoming my personal bike.  You better make it quick!!

Road Worx Training Camp Redux

Yes, we are off again.  This time we hit the wicked hills of Tennessee.  You guys dont know what your missing.  A full report will follow once we get back which will be Saturday, March 19.  Thanks

Road Worx Florida Training Camp

Road Wordx will be closed from Thursday January 20 - Wednesday January 26.  We will reopen Thursday January 27.  We are having our inuagural Florida training camp.  A full report will follow once we get back.  Thanks

Trip update

All in all, we had a great time.  The weather was very cooperative compared to what was going on up here at the time.  We averaged 80 miles a day for 5 days.  We took one day off to go to Disney with some friends and thier kids. 

Our next trip will be in mid Feburuary.  Heading for some hillier terrain.  Tennesse coming up!!

Serotta and you- a perfect combo

Serotta Competition Bicycles
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Ottrott up closeGet a Custom bike in Less than a Month!!
Serotta, the manufacturer of high performance bicycles for over 38 years, is now building its custom products in record time. With a new management team and a focus on operational efficiency, Serotta is delivering hand-crafted bicycle frames and forks, built to customer specifications, in just four weeks or less.

Serotta's production crew, the strongest team of artisan bicycle craftsman in the company's long history, have helped Serotta dramatically decrease its build time lines and increase its manufacturing capacity.

Custom full steel or titanium ~6 weeks or less!
Custom carbon or carbon/Ti ~6 weeks or less!
Serotta creates complete steel, titanium and carbon fiber frames and forks in its Saratoga Springs factory. Serotta is also one of the bicycle industry's most vertically integrated companies, sourcing all its carbon fiber at a wholly-owned composites facility in Poway, Calif., under the direction of second generation carbon fiber guru Mike Lopez.

Place your order today at :

My best friend

So many of you know that part of what makes Road Worx unique was the irreplaceable presence of Silo.  It comes with devastating sadness that Silo is no longer with us.  He lost his battle with a brain tumor that he was diagnosed with this January.   Most of you know his story.  For those that don't, grab some tissues.  I rescued Silo from a shelter just over 3 years ago.  At the time the best guess of his age was 9.  I wasn't looking for a dog per se.  I was visitng my step mother who lives out east.  We thought it would be a good way to spend the afternoon by taking a drive and visiting the shelter.  When I saw Silo (his name was Shadow then), it was an instant bond for me.  He played it cool on the other hand.  In time we formed a special bond.  He went with me every where.  I think in the time that i've had him weve been apart for three weeks total.   How many times have you guys kindly had to step over him to get out the back door?  It meant so much to me that my customers would stop by just to give Silo a pet and a hug.  I want to thank everyone who have been so kind and loving to Silo.  If you have a pet go and give them a big hug and kiss for me.  If not, please consider rescuing a dog or cat from one of the too many area shelters. 

Good bye my friend.  Thank you for everything.

Giro d'Italia Trip

From May 12-20 Will and his good pal Eli followed the Giro while getting in some sublime riding and exquisite cusine.  Click here to see all the pictures and story.

Serotta Trip and Factory Tour



Here at Road Worx, we've been busy planning one of our biggest events of the season -- a two-day (Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2) road trip to Serotta for a factory tour, bike demo, and Serotta Fit Lab introduction. We're pretty sure that you'll be interested in this trip regardless of how well you know the Serotta brand. If you are not yet familiar with Serotta's pioneering fit system, we're sure you'll love touring the factory and learning about how their system can catapult your biking experience to the next level. And if you're already a fan, you'll undoubtedly enjoy the riding, some fresh air, and some good company & food.

The trip is open to all levels of riders. On Friday, we'll all meet up at the Serotta factory in Saratoga Springs by 10am.  You are free to go up on your own or leave from Road Worx. The folks at Serotta will give us a tour of the factory and show us how carbon fiber, titanium, and steel are bonded, welded, machined, and finished to create the ultimate riding bicycles we know and love. We'll spend the afternoon test riding Serotta bikes to see first hand the end result of 35 years of experience producing custom-made bicycles.

Saturday starts with a ride in the beautiful Saratoga Springs area. This 60 mile ride will be for every level of cyclist. You can expect to enjoy challenging climbs, fun descents and breathtaking views. Word is that Ben Serotta may even join in on the fun!  The day will end with a scrumptious barbecue, hosted by our friend Dave Powers, Serotta's chief liaison. (Sounds fancy, doesn't it? -- Promises to be tasty!)

Here's a preview of what's in store:  Serotta Factory Tour

Space is limited to 15 people.  Spots must be confirmed by April 6 by calling or emailing Road Worx.  We will be staying at Longfellows Hotel in Saratoga Springs.  Price includes hotel stay and dinner on Friday night, as well as Serotta factory tour and barbecue on Saturday. Trip price for single occupancy is $225.00 and double occupancy is $175.00. Two guest maximum per room.


Get your Serotta in 12 days!!!

We're guaranteeing production of the following Ti bikes - from dealer sign-off on the draft to ship date  - in twelve business days or less. 
That's Serotta Custom in less time than it takes many companies to deliver stock product. Get the details here.

Vandals stike at the Tour of Missouri

The Tour of Missouri was vandalized by hooligans.  This is clearly the work of Lars Wackernagel fans.

Good job boys!!

GURU = Perfection


 GURU® quite simply makes some of the best bicycles on the planet. Many would even place them at the very top of the bike industry when it comes to quality and performance.

             Check out these beauties here